IU’s Plagiarism Case Takes Strange Twist


The plagiarism allegation involving IU and NEKTA’s song “Here Is Us” has taken a bizarre turn. IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, refuted claims made by NEKTA’s publishing company, Nordend Entertainment Publishing. Nordend Entertainment Publishing had previously alleged that EDAM Entertainment had never contacted them regarding IU’s song “The Red Shoes,” which was accused of plagiarizing NEKTA’s “Here Is Us.”

EDAM Entertainment responded with astonishment to Korean media articles claiming that they had contacted NEKTA or Nordend Entertainment Publishing and clarified the copyright infringement issue. Nordend Entertainment Publishing countered this, stating that to date, neither IU nor any official representative of LOEN Entertainment or EDAM Entertainment had contacted them or responded to their attempts to reach out.

EDAM Entertainment maintained that they had received an email from Nordend Entertainment Publishing and had replied to it. To support their claim, the label published an email they had sent to Nordend in 2013. However, Nordend Entertainment Publishing stated that they had tried to get in touch in 2013 but received no response from EDAM Entertainment.

Initially, when the plagiarism allegations arose, IU’s label denied the accusations, emphasizing that the chorus, first verse, and bridge of the songs were different. They acknowledged a similarity in the melody in the latter part of the song but highlighted the differences in chord ensembles, melody composition, and instrumentation between the two songs.

The conflicting statements and lack of communication between the parties involved have contributed to the bizarre nature of the situation. It remains to be seen how the plagiarism allegation will be resolved and whether further evidence or clarification will come to light.