What Does “News” Mean in Korean?

In Korean, there are two primary terms for “news”: 소식 (sosik) and 뉴스 (nyuseu).

How Can Consuming Korean News Benefit Language Learning?

Reading or listening to Korean news is an excellent way to enhance reading and listening comprehension skills. In addition to these core skills, news content can also significantly expand your Korean vocabulary. Beyond language acquisition, regularly reading news from South Korean sources provides valuable insights into Korean culture, society, economy, and geography. Best of all, it’s a free resource! Korean News

Recommended Korean News Sources

Here are some Korean news outlets you might consider:


  • 동아일보 (Dongailbo): This is one of South Korea’s main newspapers and also among its oldest. It’s particularly helpful for learners because it features a section for children called Kids Donga (어린이동아, eorinidonga).
  • Other Options: You might also want to explore other newspapers like 중앙일보 (Jungangilbo), The Korea Times, The Korea Herald, and 연합뉴스 (Yeonhapnyuseu). Many of these publications offer English versions, which can serve as supplementary materials.

Online Articles

  • Naver News: On Naver’s platform, you’ll find a broad range of news articles from various sources, including some of the newspapers mentioned above.

YouTube Channels

  • Major Broadcasting Channels: Platforms like MBC News, SBS News, and KBS News offer short, focused news videos that you can replay until you fully comprehend the content.


If you prefer audio, podcasts are another option. They can be easier to focus on due to the absence of visual elements, although this could make comprehension more challenging.

Why Learning Korean Through News is Effective

Enhances Reading and Listening Skills

News articles often employ precise vocabulary and grammatically correct sentence structures. This makes them ideal materials for practicing your reading and listening skills.

Keeps You Updated on Current Events

Whether you are in South Korea or elsewhere, staying informed about current events through Korean news will give you a broader understanding of the world around you.

Expands Vocabulary

While it shouldn’t be your only method of study, news content is a useful, low-pressure way to improve your vocabulary. The vocabulary is practical, not abstract, making it more useful for real-life interactions. By regularly reading or listening to Korean news, you’re not just improving your language skills; you’re also becoming more informed about the world and enriching your understanding of Korean culture and society.