Moon Dong-eun: The Face of Trauma | The Glory

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Moon Dong-eun is a lead character in Netflix’s The Glory (2022-23), portraying the face of trauma resulting from childhood violence and abandonment. Her life depicts the harrowing effects of bullying, as she spends years meticulously plotting to ruin the lives of her tormentors. Moon Dong-eun becomes one of the most talked-about drama characters of the year, representing victims of bullying. An in-depth look at her life experience and profile reveals her thought patterns and behaviors.

Moon Dong-eun endures physical torment, emotional manipulation, and sexual abuse at the hands of her bullies. She suffers unimaginable wounds from a hot curling iron, leaving scars on her arms, legs, and shoulder. One night, she returns home to find her tormentors waiting for her, destroying her savings and forcing her to dance for their amusement. Refusing their demands results in violent beatings. Seeking help from school authorities and the police proves futile, as they offer no assistance and even exacerbate her injuries. In a cruel twist, her own mother exploits her situation for financial gain, striking a deal with the bully’s parent who holds influence in the school system. Ultimately, Moon Dong-eun decides to drop out of school and distance herself from her perpetrators, including her mother.

Feeling alone and desperate, Moon Dong-eun contemplates suicide while gazing at her burn scars on a cold night. However, she finds the strength to persevere, vowing to seek revenge against her bullies. Transforming into a cold-hearted individual, she confronts Park Yeon-jin in the school gym, declaring that her sole purpose in life is to make her pay. Moon Dong-eun becomes a working student, laboring during the day and studying at night, with the goal of becoming a qualified teacher and encountering Park Yeon-jin once again.

Several years later, Moon Dong-eun becomes a certified teacher, still carrying the emotional weight of her trauma. She maintains a cold and detached demeanor, with a mischievous smirk hinting at her brilliant plan for revenge. Moon Dong-eun meticulously executes her revenge plot, gathering evidence and devising strategies to expose her bullies’ dark secrets and crimes. Along the way, she encounters Kang Hyeon-nam, a victim of domestic violence, and Joo Yeo-jeong, a doctor whose father was murdered. These individuals, also wounded like Moon Dong-eun, become her trusted allies. Moon Dong-eun contemplates the strength of solidarity among victims versus that among perpetrators.

Despite forming connections with Kang Hyeon-nam and Joo Yeo-jeong, Moon Dong-eun remains guarded, maintaining her emotional distance. She helps others objectively, without revealing her true emotions or showing a smile.


As her carefully planned revenge unfolds, the lives of her high school bullies unravel, exposing their crimes and igniting public outrage. The group’s friendship crumbles as they turn against each other. Park Yeon-jin confronts Moon Dong-eun, questioning her belief in poetic justice and karma, and threatening her with another curling iron attack. Moon Dong-eun’s money-hungry mother becomes an unwitting pawn in Park Yeon-jin’s scheme to have her daughter humiliated in public and expelled from her teaching position. However, Moon Dong-eun remains resolute, knowing that Park Yeon-j