The Good Bad Mother Korean Drama

The Good Bad Mother

The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming comedy-drama series produced by JTBC. The story centers around the relationship between a mother and her son, who works as a prosecutor. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when the son experiences amnesia as a result of an accident, causing him to revert to a childlike state. The series explores the challenges and joys that the mother faces as she cares for her son, guiding him through his newfound innocence and attempting to restore his memories. With a mix of humor and emotional moments, “The Good Bad Mother” presents a tale of love, growth, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Also known as: Bad Mom, Bad Mother
No of episodes: 14
Writer: Bae Se Young
Director: Shim Na Yeon
Network: JTBC
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: April 26, 2023

Main cast:

Young-Soon (Ra Mi-Ran) is a single mother who runs a pig farm and has dedicated herself to raising her son, Kang-Ho, alone. Fearing that he might follow in her footsteps, Young-Soon has been strict and harsh with Kang-Ho, making herself out to be a bad mother.

Now, Kang-Ho (Lee Do-Hyun) has grown into an adult and works as a prosecutor with a cold-hearted personality. He has distanced himself from his mother, Young-Soon, while pursuing his career and harboring his own secret. However, a sudden accident transforms Kang-Ho into a childlike state. Forced to return to his hometown, he embarks on a new life alongside his so-called “bad” mother, Young-Soon.

In the midst of these changes, Kang-Ho reunites with Mi-Joo (Ahn Eun-Jin), his childhood friend. Mi-Joo possesses a warm heart and cannot ignore injustice. As she encounters the transformed Kang-Ho, her life takes a new turn, and she finds herself faced with unexpected challenges and revelations.

Together, this unlikely trio—Young-Soon, Kang-Ho in his childlike state, and compassionate Mi-Joo—navigate the complexities of their relationships, personal growth, and the pursuit of justice. As they embark on this journey, their lives intertwine and transform in profound ways.